Want to make as much as a Twitch Star?

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Want to make as much as a Twitch Star?

A shocking amount of Twitch players are becoming millionaires at a very young age. Because of their skill many other young people spend their cash online to subscribe and watch these players. This particular niche takes a lot of skill with playing certain video games. Sometimes it is a skill that just simply can’t be acquired by long time playing.

On average an expert streamer can make anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 streaming 40 hours a week. About the salary of a manager. Only very few streams like Tfue 7.01 million followers, Shroud 6.45 million followers. TSM| Myth 5.1 million followers, dakotaz 4.08 million followers and Riot Games 4.07 million followers. Those are currently the top 5 Twitch streamers that were once average guys that are now young millionaires.

How Can I Make Money Playing Video Games?

So you do want to make money playing video games, because why the hell not right? Wouldn’t that be a dream? Sit back, turn on the console or PC, notify you subscribers that you are now online and watch the income flow. Yes I’m talking about Twitch.

Well firstly, Twitch costs $4.99/month to have a subscription. Members choose from players to subscribe to. Players where prices range from $2 to $5. So basically depending on how good you are and getting viewers you can imagine how much you can plan to make starting out. Per 100 loyal viewers you can make $200 to $500 per month from that alone. Have a following of a thousand we can see profits starting to become a stay at home income source.


Your subscribers can also make donations to you. Giving you a notification/alert of the donation you can acknowledge donators by titles like, ” the Highest Donator”, “Top Donator”, or “Loyal Viewer”. Maintain confidence in your viewers and treat the loyal one like family within the community. They’re watching you to because they admire some aspect of your playing or your persona, remember to acknowledge them.

Twitch Advertising

With advertising you see earning for $10 per 100 viewers. This is a great way to earn extra cash and your viewers only have to put up with a 30 second video. This could earn quite a bit of extra cash on the side given you’ve earned yourself a thousand or so loyal viewers. Salt and pepper your advertisements lightly. Too many and you will lose the loyalty of your viewers and won’t be able to gain new ones that way.

Utilizing Social Media

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and of course Twitch to interact with you viewers. Build an identity for yourself within you own community. To get to this point you need to establish a proper persona. A catchy, easy to remember name, a character or animated picture of you, or maybe just simply a photo of you in you gaming gear.

Notify your viewers what time of day you will be online. Maximizing the trust from them and building a loyal following. You can also use social media to let people know of any promotional campaigns you may have going on to boost subscriptions or promote you sponsors .

Using already developed Twitter and Facebook groups you can attract followers by promoting on comment sections or chat. Get you name out there so people know who to look at for!

Build a biography of you particular gaming history, you target audience which you want to narrow down to a specific group, zombies, battle royal, RPG, etc. Experiment with which game you enjoy playing and the one you are skilled at. Once you’ve found which game or game mode, don’t jump all over the place. You’ll lose the interest of you viewers almost instantly.

Sponsorship and Endorsements

Not to forget sponsorship’s and endorsements. Get free stuff for supporting particular companies. Companies that you like anyways!

A sponsorship is where you make a deal with a company like Nintendo, EA games, Sega or some other gaming company. You get a sum of money for displaying their logo on your; gaming chair, shirt, and gear like a bottle for gaming energy drink.

An endorsement on the other hand has much more of a twist on it. You could make a deal with those same companies where you; get money, have your name on products, become part of an advertisement campaign and get tons of expensive stuff for free. Of course the side of things would take a lot more time and skill. Present your skills to the online community, get your name out there and become a gaming influencer. Be endorsed someday!

Not Very Good At Video Games But Want To Make As Much As A Twitch Star?

I for one am one of those. Hell I’ve been playing video games for the last 15 years and have never gotten any better since I was 16. But some of these kids are phenomenal! I’ve watched a few videos of these kids and man can they go and players like me really don’t stand a chance.

If you want to attempt to go ahead and create a twitch account with adequate skills and create a moderate viewer base then by all means, all the power to you. But on the other hand I want to offer you another way to make money online that can branch out into many other ventures in the long run.

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? It is a solid source of income for bloggers and online entrepreneurs alike. From the hobbyist to the full time business. Affiliate Marketing allows a person to make as much money as they truly work for. Forget work bonuses and raises. Build you own salary with you own niche business.

But why not create a business that could surely make you $3,000 monthly within the first year and begin making you $10k to $50k months! Truly making the amount of a successful entrepreneur. Taking the right steps and accomplishing goal by goal. This could be you future salary. All you need to do is put in the work.


Are you good at video games? Let us know in the comment section below. Be the first to start the conversation!

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