Step Five: Implementating Plan

Step Five: Implementating Plan

Now is the time for you to take your business plan for the real deal. Begin your online money generating asset. Essentially your online real estate, you can build it, renovate and innovate, or choose to sell. Either way, you choose to turn a profit.

Get yourself a domain, use everything we’ve brainstormed and brought it into reality.

Here Is A List Of Websites For You To Host Your Own Domain

First on my list is the most popular WordPress Engine.

WP Engine:

WP Engine takes the guesswork and stress out of maintaining your website with managed WordPress hosting. From monitoring and security to server upgrades and troubleshooting, managing your own WordPress hosting means taking time and energy away from other important projects.

<a target=”_blank” href=”;u=1824272&amp;m=41388&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack=”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a> is perfect for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals looking to get online. Helping individuals become successful since 2000, delivers high quality, reliable domain name registration and web hosting services at some of the most affordable prices in the industry., an ICANN-accredited registrar, offers a full range of solutions to create and market websites including web hosting, domain registration, email, SSL certificates, website design, and email marketing.

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<img src=”″ width=”728″ height=”90″ alt=”, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting” border=”0″/></a>


Backed by an innovative approach, our platform is built on best-of-breed technologies and industry-leading infrastructure providers that create smooth managed cloud hosting experiences. A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Where Teams Can Build, Deploy, Scale & Manage Phenomenal Web Applications

We simplify hosting experiences because we believe in empowering individuals, teams and businesses. We set high standards of performance, commit to complete freedom of choice coupled with simplicity and agility in every process. Backed by an innovative approach, our platform is built on best-of-breed technologies and industry-leading infrastructure providers that create smooth managed cloud hosting experiences. And, we do this by investing in the right talent and by organizing the perfect teams.

<a target=”_blank” href=”;u=1824272&amp;m=75038&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack=”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Load WooCommerce store” /></a>


We hate wasting time and money as much as you do. That’s why we put all of the tools to create and grow a website under one roof. Over 29 million users in 178 countries. We have developed a powerful technology to help you learn, create and grow.


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Namecheap offers the latest in high-quality domain and hosting products at the most competitive prices in the business. We work every day to provide unparalleled levels of service, security, and support. We won’t bother you with unwanted upselling or aggressive advertising. Our goal is to be honest, straightforward, friendly, and helpful. It’s that simple.

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InstaServer: has been providing web hosting services for the past 21 years. Although technology has changed from the time we started in 1999, our core principles of quality, service, and support have remained the same. Our company has evolved its product offering to include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with colocation services to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and remain BEST IN CLASS.

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From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Just Host provides your complete web hosting solution.

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Liquid Web is a hosting company totally devoted to web and cloud professionals like you. Growing businesses and the Designers, Developers and Agencies who create for them. It’s our focus. And that focus translates to products, services and support designed specifically for mission-critical sites, stores and applications. Our nearly 250+ experienced administrators, engineers, and technicians are dedicated and empowered to make your life easier so you can focus on the work you love.

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Even Google confirms that security is the biggest issue today. And with open-source platforms and
shared hosting, it’s even easier for hackers to compromise sites. Until Scalahosting, VPS providers were just not there yet on value…Our proprietary solutions allow for lighting-fast load, security and easy server management now help
thousands of businesses worldwide to fully harness the web.


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