Legitimate Online Income

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Legitimate Online Income

Well you’ve checked out ways to make legitimate money online but you’re convinced there’s nothing but scams out there. Well look no further.

Once upon a time I was on the other side of the computer screen. I had no websites, source of income online or even knowledge of how anyone managed to do it. All I found was very well crafted lies. I soon realized I was searching the wrong things and was attracted to what is known as ‘the shiny object syndrome’. I was searching for successful online entrepreneurs, when I should have been looking for my own ways to get into the industry.

Frustration…So Much Frustration

I’ve been here there and everywhere looking for the right place to learn how people were making money online. I stumbled across many mentors presenting promises of fortunes. Taking videos in mansions (most likely owned by someone else) and telling me I could be raking in thousands of dollars a month instantly. Lies, all lies. In fact, seeing videos of these guys flaunting their cash and swag made me so mad off. I was no fool to pay $100 a month for getting the same knowledge I can get else where for free. That is when I began searching differently. I searched for things like ‘How to start my own online business.’ and related searches. That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate

I finally found a thorough comprehensive online entrepreneur training that not only teaches you the ins and outs of making income online. But this entrepreneur training allows to you to see yourself building and empire. The community is an absolute supportive environment full of fellow affiliates looking to achieve the same thing. Prosper and help other prosper in the process. That is actually there motto, “Your Success is our success.”

Many people have claimed that Wealthy Affiliate’s training is outdated. I can tell you that the training built and taught by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate worked from day one and I highly doubt it will ever be relevant or outdated. This system is still generating many people income every day and will for as long as the internet exists.

Wealthy Affiliate


  • Comprehensive integrated training
  • 10 Online Entrepreneur Lessons Free and 50 Lessons Premium
  • 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons and 50 Lessons premium
    • Bringing the total lessons up to 100 modules to maximize potential in the niche industry
  • 24/7 Support for websites and general help
  • 2 Websites Free and 50 for Premium
  • Private Coaching
  • Affiliate Program Search
  • Lifetime Cookies for Wealthy Affiliate Program (never lose a sale from cookie time frame)
  • Web hosting speed – Extreme speed!
  • Security package
  • New app platform for ideas on the go!


    • May be difficult to navigate for those use to modernized social media platforms. (Why I believe some people think the training is outdated)
      • I for one don’t mind the design, as the community has grown on me. It became something I feel comfortable using.
    • Expect a lot of work! Becoming a successful affiliate no mater where you go takes effort. There are no ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes that work. The work you put into it is what you get out of it. Only bad reviews from this website are from people that didn’t know what to expect and became overwhelmed by the about of information being tossed to them.

    Take it slows, step by step, little information at a time and I am 100% positive ANYONE can do it! It is never too late to begin.

    • I personally think one big downside is that there are no testimonials. As for the success stories but there are a people able to make it up to the 10k a month mark. You really have to dig for these success stories, which is understandable considering those people have their own businesses to run. They don’t have an obligation to credit their success to Wealthy Affiliate. WA gives you the tools, it’s you that is responsible for your success.

    That leads me to my next point, the road to success and the tools Wealthy Affiliate offers you.

    I have listed below the lessons provided for free by Wealthy Affiliate. (I Apologize as the pictures didn’t cooperate with me)

    Online Entrepreneur Training

    Learn All You Need To Know To Begin Your Own Online Startup

    with this highly detailed and extensive training. Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lin absolutely put a TON of effort into this website where you can take a look at the first 10 lessons for either route you decide. Online Entrepreneur or Affiliate Bootcamp. If you so decide to go premium you will have access to 100 lessons all together, 50 for either route. As well as a hell of a lot of extras to go with it.

    Affiliate Bootcamp

    Kick Your Butt Into High Gear

    With University grade knowledge, learn everything you need to build your online affiliate business from the ground up. Take it from someone who has completed the course 3 times over. Once to understand what affiliate marketing is, again to put it into action and a third to use it as a reference tool to go back to for refreshing my websites. I’m sure I will be going back to it when I need to figure out something else or head down my next business venture.

    You can check out the first 10 lessons for free

    The first 10 Lessons are all you really need to get started. With a domain and adequate knowledge to get out there.

    The next 40 steps are for premium users but when taken step by step to the full extent. You gain the entire experience to build a solid online presence as an entrepreneur, influencer, blogger and vlogger. Anything you want to turn into a niche, there is a way for you to make income in the field.

    If you decide internet marketing is something you want to get into. Wealthy Affiliate is the one place that is 100% on your side where you actually have access to the founders of the site and can even private message. A feature no other millionaire big shot has the time for. Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lin are the caring businessmen I think all CEOs, executives, managers, and bosses should all be like.

    I hope to see you around! Feel free to leave a comment below if you and anything to add or ask. Be the first to start the conversation


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