Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?Dear Reader,Chances are, if you ended

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?Dear Reader,Chances are, if you ended

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Dear Reader,

Chances are, if you ended up here, you too have searched for, “making money online” or from home. Perhaps you’ve seen an advertisement like the one above for Wealthy Affiliate and you’re curious about the legitimacy of them.

I, myself, have searched far and wide but all I found were people selling false hope and pyramid schemes. I consider pyramid schemes shenanigans put on by clever salespeople.

Who in their right mind is going to sell a lifetime supply of energy drinks to all their friends and family? Or host ‘parties’ to sell undesirable goods to people who also have no clue how this works.

I was so sure that, aside from all these scams, there was no way to make money from home.

Very similar to the half-witted moron that thinks I am naive enough to believe I owe the government $7,900. I know damn well how much I owe thank you very much!

I was so sick of running into such scams almost everywhere I looked. People selling the ‘SECRET’. Yeah…no. There is no secret. Nothing in life is a freebie. If it sounds too good it probably is.

Everything takes work. What I can tell you is that there are many ways for you to make money by people, like you, searching through the web. You can make revenue 24/7, 365 a year, also known as passive income.

People have been searching to buy things on the internet for many years now and will continue to do so for many years to come. Internet shopping is still a fairly recent topic, historically speaking. There are still many people every day discovering the true powers of the internet.

Gone are the days of conventional shopping and gone are the days of long waits in line. 8 Billion people reside on Earth and 4.5 billion have access to internet. That number is climbing every day and I am inviting you to come join me at Wealthy Affiliate to get in on the action of all this!

All you need is:

  • Laptop / Tablet / Android or iPhone
  • WiFi
  • Desire to make something of yourself

Any top will do really, even a tablet but cellphones can have certain limitations when it comes to applications meant for computer use. I began with Wealthy Affiliate with my iPhone. It was a slow start but an hour every now and again of work, and my near effortless efforts began to show. For WiFi, it is nearly accessible anywhere in North America and many parts of the world. Even if you don’t have your own WiFi, use Starbucks or better (cheaper) yet, Tim Horton`s WiFi! Even McDonald’s has free WiFi, but for health-conscious people, probably not the best option.

Moving on!

Desire To Make Something of Yourself!

Everyone has dreams. Not everyone has the opportunity from their upbringing to walk right into the road of success. Some of us have to find that road ourselves with minimal guidance. Wealthy Affiliate has given me most of the training I needed to make something of myself with as much effort as I was putting into Facebook and video games on my own time. I tell you, working in WA has been much more rewarding than wasting my time with video games and social media. I get to write about what truly sparks my passion and motivates me to get up early, make breakfast, and take care of my daily tasks all while being my own boss.

Bring Traffic and Create Revenue!

Scratch what I said about `Wasting time on social media` because when used the right way it can be a very useful tool for you to help create revenue. Have you heard of the funnel system? It’s a fancy name for saying, “The more people you bring in, the chances of actual sales increase.” There are many ways for you to make revenue on a website. You can provide services, sell products, and dropshipyour, but a small but BIG way to make some money is through `affiliate` links. Big corporations like, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc., and even smaller businesses can have what is called `Affiliate Programs`. In which you provide advertisement essentially through links to their products and in return earn youryour commission. Those are just a few to mention. But the important thing to take away is the more people you can funnel in, the higher chances of creating revenue.

Write a Blog! You Don’t Need To Be A Great Writer

That’s write. I mean right?The Write Anything! Hobbies, interests, any knowledge you have that you can share with the world! Any part of the world with internet access can stumble upon what you are out there. Any info is good info. Information is key to our very survival, everything you know has helped shaped who you are today, shape and what you know could very well help another person in need. As Ayesha Siddiqi said, ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger.’

When we were younger we all envisioned ourselves being a hero one way or another. This could be your way to be someone’s, hero!

Assistance From People That Already Made It Successfully!

Wealthy Affiliate has a, “pass it forward” attitude with their fellow online entrepreneurs. Many people have been able to make their online business a full-time job creating revenue 24/7 and have no problem helping others. From all levels of experience, regardless of their success. Because well, they made it! I can say that I have received tons of knowledge and education from Kyle (co-founder) and others within the community. I would have paid thousands to learn this from an entrepreneur course in college.

In conclusion, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Yes, for someone to do what they have a lot of passion for with such ease is an amazing opportunity. Being able to do it for yourself, by yourself. I am entirely grateful that I have found WA and will be doing business on this end for many years to come.

For further questions feel free to email me at:

I check my email as frequently as I can but I can get back to you within hours.

Hope to chat with you soon!

Kind regards,

Brandon Williams-Sandy


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