How Did I Establish Myself Online?

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How Did I Establish Myself Online?


I would like to thank you for your interest in learning more about how I have established myself online to be able to work from home. Building and establishing yourself online is an endless journey where the sky is the limit. Earn as much as you work for. Live life on your terms.

Knowledge of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is how Google, Yahoo and Bing rank websites. The more content with keywords directed to get people engaging on your website. The higher ranks you will get on these search engines. The goal is to gain the right keywords to get reach out to as much traffic as you can.

Fully Able to Work From Home

Since my fiance was pregnant with my, now 2 year old sons. I have been a part of an online community focused in the building a successful home based business. Like many people before me I have been looking for ways to make more income for myself. When it comes to work, and school consuming most of my time I took to the internet for ways to create other sources of income.

Two years ago I had no idea how anyone made any money online. Researching methods of how this can be done, I stumbled across many mentors that had extremely high prices. I was no fool, there is no way someone who is barely making any money already is going to cough up $200 to get involved with something that sounds damn near to a pyramid scheme.

Time & Effort

These entrepreneurs you see everyday posting about how they made $10k in a week or $1 Million in a year. They were regular people. Searching for ways to make money online. It is a real thing to strive for. Don’t let anyone tell you online work is not a real job. These people have built a following under a niche category in which people listen to them. They engage with them building a larger following. This is done with time & effort. It is achieved by any living, breathing human being.

Detailed Training Provided

Here is a 10-minute training from the exact provider that has helped me and 1.5 million others build a brand name online

Quick 10 Minute Lesson

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