Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to TheLeisureOperative

I would like to thank you personally for taking the time in registering an account and taking the first steps needed to becoming an Online Entrepreneur. TheLeisureOperative mission is to assist in creating more financial stability for all who are looking for it. Starting with the Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners. I have designed this 4 module course with 10 lessons in getting you starting with affiliate marketing. Using the online marketing concept and implementing strategies in which assure you succeed.

These modules are designed to help you jump start your venture into the online marketing world and be successful doing do. It is imperative to have a plan in order to succeed.

There are an infinite amounts of routes for you to go down or branch out with multiple money funnels to flow into your bank account. The only limitations and boundaries are the ones you give yourself.

The idea of this site is to have a set business plan before becoming an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, influencer, or any other business concept you wish to make a reality.

Our Mission

The purpose of this course is for the success in Affiliate Marketing. Learn the know how and begin doing it creating income for yourself. Above all. Is to help you.

The internet is a greatly expanding world full of resources to connect anywhere.Always changing and adapting you need to learn how to adapt with the changes in 2020 and use them o your advantages. Over 7 Billion people are on Earth and only 3.5 Billion are on the web. Every day there are more and more people gaining access to the internet.

There really is no limit to who can make money online. It is an ever-growing community with real people helping others succeed by creating income streams online This business model for making income has just began and has no foreseeable signs of slowing down.

The purpose of this 4 Module course with 11 lessons, is to help you in understanding how you can overcome certain obstacles with making money online. Maybe you’re not as informed as you’d like to be, or maybe you are having trouble getting a domain up and running. We are here to help.

With one on one coaching, feel free to each out and ask anything regarding Affiliate Marketing. Each lesson is designed to have all the necessary things involved with being fully prepared to dominate your own online stomping ground. Control you’re own territory online.


Course Contents:

Module 1) Goal setting:

  • Good routine
  • Passion pursuit
  • How much you wish to make
  • When you plan on making this amount
  • List out personal obstacles:
    •  Calculate Your Total Debts
    • Habbits you plan to kick or kickstart
    • Mental/Physical
    • Inexperience or lack of knowledge

Module 2) Create a Niche:

To be successful online you need an establishes brand to promote your services. What do you plan to bring to people? How will you help them?

Things needed to find a niche:

Has your interest:

You will be spending a lot of time on your venture, for the next few years if you really commit. If it’s something you have prior work experience in would be most ideal. But the entire process is a learning curve, you can pick up something brand new. Immerse yourself and become an expert within a year. While writing about the topic and having your own approach about it. Not everyone is an ‘expert’ but most people have the confidence and ability to influence others as followers.

Find a topic that you can read about and talk about for hours on end. Something you truly enjoy.

Can be anything from:

  • Travel
  • Recreation
  • Business
  • University/College Grads
  • Unemployment
  • Stay-at-home Parents
  • Retirees

Must Be Expandable:

  • Has lots of keywords rich content
  • Can branch out into several other topics
  • Incorporate funnels from all aspects of the web
    • Email List
    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram
    • You Tube

Module 3) Business Plan

Create a detailed plan to ensure you succeed.

  • Research your chosen niche
  • Create a content callender
  • Build a schedule giving yourself a reasonable amounts of time to accomplish your goals

Do the necessary research to get informed and classify yourself as a person that can help your desgnated clients. Knowledge is power, the more you know the better.

Module 4) Implementing Your Plan

This is where you officially begin your journey. Fully prepared, informed, and ready to make as much money as you deserve. We have several web hosting domains to choose from to take on the internet world yourself, with the support from us of course.







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