Operation Leisure! Create You're Own Online Assets


This part is going to require some tools. You’re going to need to start documenting and taking notes. You can do this the old tradition al way with a notebook and pen or white board for starters. To be more effective in productivity though, I highly recommend starting a Google account.

Using drive you can save all of your progress in and out of business. Organize a balance between personal life, and your business. They actually have a business section where you can keep tabs on your most important aspects of your business, but that will be another lesson for another time. Today we are going to focus on setting up a Google Account and your first documents to do on there. This won’t cost you anything and will significant;y increase your productivity by opening up a vast set of tools at your disposal.

Let’s begin.

Start a Google Account

We’re about to jot notes the old school way. Trust me, there’s no better way to get the creativity flowing like good old-fashioned writing. Whether it is the pace of being able to slow down and think or just the feel all together. The old school way is always the best way to begin. So let’s get started.

Regardless of what your plan is, all that is important is that you have a plan.

First off, Document Your Goals Into Your Google Drive

The first thing I want you to do on your Google account is to open up the “Documents App”. Your first document with be on your goals. Your ultimate goal, how you plan to achieve this goal, and how long it will take you to get there. Then create a deadline for your goal and put it on your “Calendar App”.

Write Down Your Niche Title

Let’s start by listing categories around your niche to get a visual mind map of where we’re heading. Make subcategories, products, video ideas, content calendar, your ideal audience. Organize these aspects in order they will happen.

  • Do you plan to go straight to YouTube, Instagram, or some other social platform to make content?
  • Do you plan on using Search engine Optimization for bringing traffic?
    • Purchase paid ads through social media campaigns to have traffic flowing into your site

Get creative, branch out to other ideas no matter how wild or absurd. Remind yourself that you have the potential to network and propel yourself into any field. During your brainstorming session there are no limits. You want to be worth a billion dollars one day? Write it! Plan it! Visualize it! Shoot for the moon, if you miss at least you’ll be up there with the stars. Aim as high as possible, land somewhere close to your goal.

Establish these important aspects of your niche and overall business to begin making your business plan.


One you have done your own brainstorming on paper or whiteboard. Mark this lesson complete and move on to the next lesson.

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