Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Operation Leisure! Create You're Own Online Assets

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Module 1) Goal setting: (Skip to this section here)

  • Good routine
  • Passion pursuit
  • How much you wish to make
  • When you plan on making this amount
  • List out personal obstacles:
    • Calculate Your Total Debts
    • Habbits you plan to kick or kickstart
    • Mental/Physical
    • Inexperience or lack of knowledge

Module 2) Create a Niche:

To be successful online you need an establishes brand to promote your services. What do you plan to bring to people? How will you help them?

Three things needed to find a niche:

Has your interest:

You will be spending a lot of time on your venture, for the next few years if you really commit. If it’s something you have prior work experience in would be most ideal. But the entire process is a learning curve, you can pick up something brand new. Immerse yourself and become an expert within a year. While writing about the topic and having your own approach about it. Not everyone is an ‘expert’ but most people have the confidence and ability to influence others as followers.

Find a topic that you can read about and talk about for hours on end. Something you truly enjoy.

Can be anything from:

  • Travel
  • Recreation
  • Business
  • University/College Grads
  • Unemployment
  • Stay-at-home Parents
  • Retirees


  • Has lots of keywords rich content
  • Can branch out into several other topics
  • Incorporate funnels from all aspects of the web
    • Email List
    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram
    • You Tube

4) Research

Do the necessary research to get informed and classify yourself as a person that can help your designated clients. Knowledge is power, the more you know the better.

Module 3) Business Plan

Create a detailed plan to ensure you succeed.

  • Research your chosen niche
  • Create a content callender
  • Build a schedule giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish your goals

Module 4) Implementing Your Plan

This is where you officially begin your journey. Fully prepared, informed, and ready to make as much money as you deserve. We have several webs hosting domains to choose from to take on the internet world yourself, with the support from us of course.


Continue with the training that inspired the tasks done here to have a helping hand guide you through success. Follow the training step by step and being able to make a million per year can be accomplished. Don’t limit yourself.


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